The Bartenders’ Travelling Book was created in 2009 by bar and cocktail lover Adam Slavík. “The idea for a travelling book was born out of my undying love for bartending and the personalities who have made the bar into their life’s calling. Great thoughts come to people the moment they experience something and feel the need to pass it on. The plan was simple – to send a stylish, blank book with hand-made paper and leather binding into the world and hope for the impossible,“ says Adam Slavík.

The first bartender to grace the book with his entry was Václav Vojíř, owner of the famed Bugsy´s Bar in Prague (May 13, 2009). He christened the book with the most expensive cocktail in the world, the Manhattan Exclusive, blessing it on its subsequent path around the world. He then personally handed it over to master barkeeper Charles Schumann in Munich, and thus the story began ...


Interesting facts:


- The book was first sent into the world on May 13, 2009 on World Cocktail Day


- The first bartender to make the introductory entry was Václav Vojíř / Bugsy´s Bar, Prague /


- The book was christened with the most expensive cocktail in the world at the time (the Manhattan Exclusive 666 eur), which the bar’s owner dedicated to the book. (The entry pages carry the aroma of this drink and thus create a unique symbolism of prestige)


- The book contains 333 pages, with one entry per page.


- There is no set scenario and no one knows when or where the book will appear next.


- The ambition of the book is to make an appearance in dozens of cities and metropolises around the whole world, making its way into the best bars and other interesting sites.


- The book’s dimensions are 310 × 220 × 41 mm and it weights several kilograms.


- It has an all-leather binding in a cognac brown with highly detailed and contoured features.


- It is the work of master bookbinder Jiří Fogl, whose works are respected by both connoisseurs of the craft and professional institutions. His workshop has produced work for the Office of the President of the Czech Republic or as a present for US President Bill Clinton.


- Entries in the book are kept secret from the general public.


- The book itself is not of a commercial character


- It contains hand-made paper, which has gone through one of the oldest manufacturing processes in Europe at Velké Losiny (founded 1596), which has continued to create paper in the traditional fashion for over 400 years


- The single print of the book cost nearly 800 euros.

- The book’s original printing stamps are in the proud care of Adam Slavík (the idea’s initiator), who is hoping for the impossible – that the book will one day return, a day for which he’s promised the greatest celebration imaginable!


- Jazz organist Ondřej Pivec (USA) dedicated a song to the book "Don´t Get Any Ideas"

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